Batteries - vehicle; AA/AAA, button, camera, cellphone & other small sizes; large quantities

Batteries - AA/AAA and other small sizes

Standard alkaline batteries can be safely disposed of to landfill as these don’t contain any hazardous materials. Batteries containing nickel, cadmium or lithium (NiCad batteries, for example) can be dropped off at the New Plymouth or Hawera Transfer Stations. Domestic quantities are accepted free of charge.

Batteries - button (watches, calculators and hearing aids)

Contact your local jeweller or drop off at the New Plymouth or Hawera Transfer Stations.

Batteries - vehicle (boats, cars, motorbikes, trucks)

Take to a scrap metal dealer, Repco (137 Courtenay Street, New Plymouth or 57 High Street, Hawera), or ask at your local garage.

Batteries - other (cellphones, power tools or cameras, for example)

Contact the supplier of the appliance or your local electrician. Ask at your local Spark, Vodafone or 2Degrees dealer as they have a 'take back' policy for cellphones and cellphone batteries.

Batteries - larger quantities

Contact a commercial service provider such as Waste Management (ph 06 757 8381 or email SRobbertsen@wastemanagement.co.nz)