Education at your place or ours

Class field trips, classroom lessons, study units, newsletters and teacher workshops are the main components of the Council’s long-running and popular schools programme.

There are also tailored education activities based at the three Taranaki Regional Council Gardens – Pukeiti, Tupare and Hollard Gardens. On-site school waste audits and a wider look at recycling and waste minimisation are also components of the programme.

Email for further information about any aspect of the programme, or the availability of the Council’s Education Officer.

Towards Predator-Free Taranaki

Schools play an important role in Towards Predator-Free Taranaki, a region-wide, multi-year programme ultimately aimed at restoring Taranaki's precious native birdlife and plant diversity in all its richness and glory.

Find out about the role of schools in Towards Predator-Free Taranaki

Field trips

These are led by the Council’s Education Officer, and will typically involve a freshwater stream study, or a visit to an exposed reef at low tide for a rocky shore study.

The Council's Education Officer shows us what happens on a freshwater stream study field trip.

Other field trips may be to wetlands, or riparian (streamside) fencing and planting projects.

Classroom lessons

Field trips will invariably be preceded by classroom lessons to lay vital preparatory groundwork. The Council’s Education officer can also deliver one-off lessons on topics ranging from the environment to Civil Defence to public transport.

Study units

To view and download the study units click here

Newsletters and teacher workshops

The Schools in the Environment (SITE) newsletter is published at the beginning of each term. Each edition focuses on a topical theme and photos of different outdoor and environmental activities undertaken by schools around the region – a great source of ideas and inspiration! 

SITE also has word games and other useful resources for the classrooms, as well as information on our teacher workshops. Email to subscribe to the newsletter and for information on the workshops.