Online consent application forms

Applications that can currently be completed online (payment options are credit card or internet banking):

  • Bore or well
  • Dairy discharge to land/water
  • Discharge from a poultry farm
  • Discharge permit to land or water (not dairy)
  • Discharge of stormwater
  • Discharge of stormwater and sediment arising from earthworks
  • Discharge permit to air
  • Erect a bridge or culvert
  • Wellsite applications
  • Change to consent conditions

Note: If the consent you are applying for is not able to be completed online, you will need to complete a downloadable form (PDF).

To complete these forms online, you will need a RealMe login.

You only need one RealMe login with a single username and password which will give you access to a range of services where RealMe access is required. The RealMe login is designed to protect your privacy and security.

If you don't have a RealMe login you can set one up by following the link to Online Services below.

To complete a Consent application online you may need to upload some files first such as -

  • Site photos (e.g. for a culvert/bridge)
  • Plans
  • Written approval forms
  • Supporting documents

You may find it easier if you have these files ready before you start the online application. After you start the application you can save your progress and complete the application later.

Payment options are credit cards or internet banking. 

Click to access TRC Online Services (external link) to apply for a consent online.