December 2018 rainfall & 2018 rainfall summary

A number of Taranaki localities can thank (or blame) thunderstorms for particularly high December rainfall totals - more than three-quarters above normal in one case.

December rainfall at our monitored sites across the region ranged from 54% to 178% of normal, with an average of 95%.

Thunderstorms around the middle of the month were the main reason for big totals at Te Kiri (178% of normal), Manaia (121%), Duffy's Farm at Whareroa (155%), Patea (169 %), Charlie’s Clearing in the eastern hillcountry (139%), Waitotara Valley (119%) and Ngutuwera (132%). During one thunderstorm, our monitoring station at Te Kiri recorded 29.5mm in an hour, the fourth highest hourly rainfall ever recorded at the site, and 42.5mm in 90 minutes. Te Kiri's monthly total of 225mm is the highest ever recorded for December, exclipsing the previous maximum of 209mm recorded in 2011.

Total rainfall for 2018 ranged from 84% to 130% of normal at most of our monitored sites, with an average of 106%. Eight sites had less than their normal yearly rainfall - North Egmont (84%), Hillsborough (92%), Mangati (92%), Egmont Village (91%), Everett Park (98%), Inglewood (99%), Stony River (98%) and Cape Egmont (97%).

At the other end of the scale, our monitoring sites at Patea and Charlie's Clearing recorded new annual maximums of 1298.4mm and 2160mm respectively. Their previous annual maximums were 1289.6mm and 2048mm respectively, both recorded in 2017.

December 2018 & full-year rainfall maps

December 2018 & full-year 2018 rainfall maps [PDF, 511 KB]

What you should know:

  1. The site maps show data from a selection of the sites we monitor, but not all of them.

  2. The distribution maps are based on mathematical modelling and may not accurately represent actual rainfall in some unmonitored areas.

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December 2018 rainfall

Rainfall from January to December 2018.


Rainfall distribution in December 2018,

Full-year rainfall distribution 2018.