Taranaki Biodiversity Trust & Accord

Raising the profile of biodiversity throughout the Taranaki community

Taranaki Biodiversity Trust

The Trust's goals are to:

  • Raise the profile of biodiversity in our community.
  • Encourage people to get involved.
  • Engage with all groups with an interest in protecting the environment of Taranaki.
  • Support the work already being done by individuals, community groups and organisations.
  • Foster collaboration.
  • Develop new projects.
  • Raise funds to support this work.

Founding members are the Department of Conservation, East Taranaki Environment Trust, Waikato University Environmental Research Institute, Federated Farmers, Fish and Game, MAIN Trust, New Plymouth District Council, NZ Herpetological Society, Nga Motu Marine Reserve Society, North Taranaki Forest & Bird, QEII National Trust, Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust, South Taranaki Forest & Bird, South Taranaki District Council, Stratford District Council, Taranaki Kiwi Trust, Taranaki Regional Council, Taranaki Tree Trust andTiaki Te Mauri O Parininihi Trust. Membership also includes the Patea Planting Trust, the Taranaki branch of the Ornithological Society, EcoGecko Consusltants Ltd, Massey University, Mt Hiwi Charitable Trust and the Taranaki Iwi Trust.

Taranaki Biodiversity Accord

The Taranaki Biodiversity Forum Accord brings together many of the region's agencies, community groups and people that have an interest in biodiversity.

Accord signatories

The Accord signatories have agreed to work together to set out an strategic vision, desired outcomes, priorities and actions that will:

  • Raise the profile of biodiversity generally and increase awareness and understanding of the issues.
  • Provide a vehicle for dialogue, including information sharing, between like-minded but diverse interests.
  • Identify common ground and establish a publicly-agreed policy position and partnerships.
  • Make a commitment to positive action.
  • Establish a collaborative framework to better work together and identify opportunities for obtaining the best results from finite resources.

The Accord is a non-statutory document. As such it does not override regulatory functions, roles and responsibilities, including statutory strategies and plans. But it allows signatories (Accord partners) to look beyond their narrow sectoral interests and identify opportunities to do what is best for Taranaki (that is, Taranaki Inc). While the vision, outcomes and plan of action focus on maintaining and enhancing biodiversity generally, Accord partners also agree that there is a need for an immediate focus on Taranaki’s most valuable, yet vulnerable, biodiversity assets.

The Accord was signed on 27 August, 2012, in the presence of the Minister of Conservation, the Hon Kate Wilkinson. It is a "living document" and more groups are welcome to become part of it.

East Taranaki Environment Trust
Federated Farmers
Fish and Game
Forest and Bird – North Taranaki
Forest and Bird – South Taranaki
Mapping Analysis and Information Network (MAIN) Trust
Nga Motu Marine Reserve Society
NZ Herpetological Society
QEII National Trust
Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust
Taranaki Kiwi Trust
Taranaki Tree Trust
Tiaki Te Mauri O Parininihi Trust
University of Waikato Environmental Research Institute
Department of Conservation
New Plymouth District Council
South Taranaki District Council
Stratford District Council
Taranaki Regional Council