Talking on Water - an introduction

The quality of our streams and rivers is a topic never far from the headlines.

David MacLeod.As the region’s manager and regulator of natural resources, the Taranaki Regional Council welcomes public debate and discussion on freshwater quality. But it’s important to keep science and facts at the forefront, especially when important decisions are being made.

Talking on Water is a fortnightly series featuring a couple of friendly characters – let’s call them Tara and Reg – discussing the state of our rivers and streams here in Taranaki. The aim is encourage informed debate by highlighting aspects of freshwater quality which may not be well known or understood. Each episode is accompanied by background material and references, so you can dig deeper if you want to. Enjoy!

Episode 10: Are we there yet?

Episode 9: Watery footprints

Episode 8: The Waitara River

Episode 7: The gen on nitrogen

Episode 6: Investing in streambanks

Episode 5: Fit for purpose

Episode 4: In the swim

Episode 3: What the river-dwellers reveal

Episode 2: More than just talk

Episode 1: Like no other

Meet Reg and Tara.