Coastal Plan review

The Council is currently reviewing the Regional Coastal Plan for Taranaki.

Coastal Plan review process - current status.

A Proposed Coastal Plan for Taranaki has been publicly notified and 61 initial and 25 further submissions were received. Submissions have now been evaluated and the Council has released the pre-hearing officers report on decisions requested and a track changes version of the Plan.

As part of the pre-hearing consultation process, the Council will be meeting with submitters to discuss submission points raised and the Councils initial recommendations prior to a hearing being held.

Documentation relating to the review process can be found here:

Summary of submissions on Proposed Coastal Plan

This document summarises the decisions sought in the 61 public submissions on the Proposed Coastal Plan for Taranaki.

Proposed Coastal Plan submissions summary (2.4 MB pdf) (single document only)

Proposed Coastal Plan for Taranaki

View the Plan itself as a complete document, with schedules and appendices as separate documents.

Proposed Coastal Plan for Taranaki (4.5 MB pdf) See and download schedules and appendices


An interactive map portal has been developed to allow online inspection of the maps associated with the Proposed Coastal Plan. An information sheet in PDF format explains how to use the portal. Click/tap on the links:

Online map portal for Proposed Coastal Plan(external link)

Using the online map portal [PDF, 1.6 MB]

Links to individual maps are also incorporated in the main body of the Plan and its schedules. The maps are also available as PDFs. The 44 maps cover the entire Taranaki coastline from north to south. The exact location of each map can be seen in the index, which also has a legend explaining the colours, shadings and symbols used on the maps.

Maps index [PDF, 566 KB]

Maps 1 to 11 [PDF, 8.4 MB]

Maps 12 to 22 [PDF, 10 MB]

Maps 23 to 33 [PDF, 8.6 MB]

Maps 34 to 44 [PDF, 7 MB]