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Towards predator-free Taranaki

The Council is proposing to implement the first three years of a region-wide predator control programme, focusing on the Waiwhakaiho  catchment, around Mt Taranaki and trialling possum eradication. at an operational cost of $ 580,000 per year.

Pukeiti/Taranaki Crossing

The Council is proposing to undertake a range of new developments at and linked to Pukeiti, positioning it as a recreation hub for a  range of activities, including funding the creation of a new track linking Pukeiti to the coast – a key component of the proposed Mountain to surf Taranaki Crossing – at a capital cost of $ 1.439 million in 2018/2019 and $ 5.9 million over 10 years, plus an operating grant of $ 3.5 million spread over three years (2019/2020 to 2021/2022).

Other proposed changes

Tell us what you think of our proposals to:

— Further develop its relationship with Māori, focusing on operational areas.

— Commit more resources to freshwater monitoring.

— Broaden its educational outreach by funding a regional Enviroschools position.

(Note: Changes to arrangements with iwi and hapu, and changes to freshwater monitoring, are driven in part by central Government  requirements. The status quo is not an option.)

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Please tell us your views on any other aspect of the proposed 2018/2028 Long-Term Plan.

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