RMA charges consultation

This page has information on the Council's proposed RMA administrative charging policy for the 2020/2021 year, and how to give us feedback before the policy is formally adopted. You can also download the consultation document.

RMA charges - consultation document [PDF, 816 KB]

The Taranaki Regional Council is fixing its 2020/2021 administrative charges pursuant to section 36 of the Resource Management Act 1991.  As part of this process, the Council is undertaking a special consultative procedure (refer section 83 of the Local Government Act 2002).

These administrative charges are fixed annually to recover the Council’s actual and reasonable costs when undertaking work for external users under the Resource Management Act 1991. The Schedule of Charges fixes charges in the following areas:

  • Schedule 1: Scale of charges for staff time
  • Schedule 2: Fixed minimum charges for the preparation or change of policy statement or plans and the processing of resource consents
  • Schedule 3: Scale of charges for the use of plant
  • Schedule 4: Fixed minimum charges for laboratory analyses
  • Schedule 5: Fixed initial annual monitoring deposit charges for activities with tailored compliance monitoring programmes 2020/2021
  • Schedule 6: Fixed minimum charges for monitoring farm dairy discharges
  • Schedule 7: Fixed minimum charges for monitoring instream structures where no tailored compliance monitoring programme exists
  • Schedule 8: Fixed minimum charges for monitoring where no tailored compliance monitoring programme exists
  • Schedule 9: Charges for those requesting hearing commissioners.

For full details, download the consultation document.

RMA charges - consultation document [PDF, 816 KB]

The Council looks forward to receiving your comments, feedback and submissions, Councillors and management are available to answer any questions or to discuss any aspect of the proposed policy.

Send your submission to: 

2020/2021 Schedule of Administrative Charges Submission
The Chief Executive
Taranaki Regional Council
Private Bag 713

Alternatively, email it to info@trc.govt.nz

Submissions must arrive by 4pm, Monday 22 June, 2020. Please include a telephone number.

The Council will be hearing submissions on Tuesday 30 June 2020, and if you wish to appear in person in support of your submission, please indicate this in your submission.

Questions & answers

Do I have to come and speak to my submission? No.  It is entirely up to you.  You will be most welcome, but if you decide not to attend the meeting, your written submission will be given full consideration.

Will the hearing be very formal? No.  Council members will have read your submission beforehand and have it with them; the Chairperson will invite you to expand on it.

Who can I contact at the Council offices to discuss the Schedule of Administrative Charges? You are welcome to call at the Council's offices at Cloten Road, Stratford, or phone (06 765 7127) and discuss the schedule of charges with any of the following executive staff: 

  • Basil Chamberlain (Chief Executive)
  • Gary Bedford (Director—Environment Quality)
  • Stephen Hall (Director—Operations)
  • Fred McLay (Director—Resource Management)
  • Mike Nield (Director—Corporate Services)