Stadium options summarised

The table on this page summarises the Yarrow Stadium options that are out for public consultation.

Download the table in PDF format [PDF, 656 KB]

Download the entire Consultation Document [PDF, 4.6 MB]


Demolish stands, grass banks

Repair stands, update facilities

As for 2, with extra seating

As for 3, with new facilities

Improved or new Stands & Terraces

Rebuilt Stadium or  roofed

Implemented in 2-3 years

Good as or better than before

 Okay for international sport

Comparable with similar regions

Within TRC financial limits

Total est. cost  $6m  Up to $55m  $57m  $69m  $121m or $133m  $167m or $271m
Benefit-cost ratio  0.1  3.8  3.8  4.0  2.6  1.4
Annual cost per h/hold (Nth = NP/NT;
Sth = Strat/ST)
Nth: $22
Sth: $15
Nth: $76
Sth: $51
Nth: $78
Sth: $52
Nth: $91
Sth: $61
Nth: $148 or $161
Sth: $91 or $108
Nth: $198 or $312
Sth: $133 or $210
Commercial & industrial
(NP/NT only)
$125 $428 $441 $515 $836 or $910 $1121 or $1764

* Option 2 is the Council's preferred option. Variations considered and dismissed include fixing East Stand and either demolishing the West Stand ($50.2m) or remvoing its roof ($56.1m). See overview of options in Consultation Document for more details.

** Option 4 is a possible preferred option if supported by a co-funder.

*** Option 5 is New East Stand, new South Terrace, extended West Stand ($121m); Option 6 is new East and North Stands, extended West Stand, new South Terrace ($133m).

**** Option 7 is completely rebuilt Stadium ($167m); Option 6 is completely rebuilt Stadium with roof ($271m).

A note about costs

Cost estimates for the options were developed in a comprehensive and professional process of design, engineering and quantity surveying.

After an option is selected and as the necessary services are procured, an ‘Early Contractor Involvement’ process will be used to refine the way the project is delivered and to arrive at a final budget.  The project delivery process and budget will be subject to normal governance and management oversight before they are implemented.

Operational costs (depreciation, maintenance, insurance and so on) and capital costs for the preferred option are provided for in the Council’s 2019/2020 Annual Plan Statement of Proposal. For Options 3 to 8, there would be additional operational costs that have not been provided for, as these options are beyond the Council’s ability to fund on its own.

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