Fresh water

The Council carries out and commissions many reports relating to fresh water, one of Taranaki's key natural resources.

Water & Soil plan review discussion papers & technical reports

Taranaki Irrigation Study 2012

This Council-commissioned research report was produced by Aqualinc Research Ltd and MWH NZ Ltd, supported by MPI's Community Irrigation Fund.

Taranaki Irrigation Study (single document only)

Transforming Taranaki

Transforming Taranaki, a booklet published in November 2011, tells how farmers, with the encouragement of the Council and the dairy industry itself, are becoming better guardians of the environment by working to reduce the amount of diffuse-source pollution going into the region’s rivers and streams – the material that is washing off pastures and into waterways. The publication describes the Riparian Management Programme and its successes so far.

Transforming Taranaki (single document only)

Aggradation in ring plain rivers & streams

This 2011 report looks at the condition of river channels on the Taranaki ring plain and discusses whether the Council needs to adjust its policies and practices to deal with any build-up of gravel in river channels resulting from erosion on Mt Taranaki.

Aggradation in rivers & streams of the Taranaki ring plain (single document only)

Small stream modification in Taranaki

This 2010 report assesses the ecological and hydrological values of small streams, the cumulative extent and ecological effects of modification, and implications for policy and practice.

Small stream modification in Taranaki (single document only)

A photographic guide to freshwater invertebrates of Taranaki rivers & streams

Invertebrates are a vital part of the freshwater ecosystem and can tell us a great deal about the state of a waterway's health. This Guide introduces all of the major invertebrate groups using microscope images, with a brief description of the habitat preferences of each group. It also explains how waterway health can be assessed by ranking the invertebrates found within it.

A photographic guide to freshwater invertebrates of Taranaki's rivers and streams (single document only)

Relationships between MCI, site altitude & distance from source for ring plain streams

The MCI (Macroinvertebrate Community Index) is the formalised method for using macroinvertebrate communities to assess waterway ecological health. This 2009 report, prepared by Stark Environmental Ltd for the Taranaki Regional Council, explores relationships between MCI and two environmental variables - site altitude and distance from source.

Relationships between MCI, site altitude & distance from source for Taranaki ring plain streams (single document only)

Recreational use of coast, rivers and lakes in Taranaki 2007-2008

This report includes the results of a postal survey and observation counts at well known recreational locations.

Water recreation survey report (single document only)