Tawhiti Stream investigation

The Council was alerted to a potential fish kill in the Tawhiti Stream on Friday afternoon, 21 February, likely linked to an earlier emergency at the upstream Silver Ferns Farms plant.

The Tawhiti Stream flows into the lower Tāngāhoe River.

Investigation showed this was a significant event, with more than 1000 fish (mainly eels) dead or dying.

The Council immediately liaised with Iwi and South Taranaki District Council. The Iwi has issued a rāhui. The STDC has erected public health warning signs that will stay in place for as long as needed.

Fortuitous heavy rain on Friday night flushed the stream. Any impacts on the Tāngāhoe River are being assessed.

Silver Fern Farms is fully cooperating with the investigation and dealing with public inquiries.

The Taranaki Regional Council’s investigation is continuing.