Region on pathway to Stadium decision

The public’s views on potential fixes for Yarrow Stadium will be sought next month as the Taranaki Regional Council prepares to decide on a solution and get work under way.

Eight options will be put to the community during consultation on the Council’s Draft Annual Plan for the financial year starting 1 July. The Council’s preferred option is borrow up to $55m to reinstate the stands and update venue facilities. Households would pay $51 to $76 a year, depending on location, to service the required 25-year-loan.

Other options range from demolishing the stands and replacing them with grass banks ($6m) to a completely rebuilt Stadium with roofed pitch ($271m).

The Council says anything costing more than $55m would require co-funding from another party or parties, so the realistic choices are Options 2, 3, or 4 if the region wants a fit-for-purpose Stadium.

“The Council is committed to returning Yarrow Stadium to full operational capability as soon as reasonably possible – we believe the region deserves no less,” says the Council Chairman, David MacLeod.

“Option 4 looks to be the best in terms of the benefits it would bring, but a co-funder would be needed. So Option 2 has to be our preferred option – we can go ahead with it but leave the door open for Option 4 if outside funding becomes available in the next 18 months.

“However, it’s important to hear what the community has to say.

He says the Council is keen to move ahead as quickly as possible.

“We know that many people are anxious to see something done, and are wondering why it’s taken so long to get to this point.” he says. “But complex engineering and geotechnical issues emerged from the closure of both the Stadium’s stands because they are quake-prone.

“Specialists have needed time to assess and analyse the problems and potential solutions. The Council has also needed to consult economic and financial analysts to satisfy ourselves that any preferred solutions are cost-effective, affordable and sustainable.

“So a lot has been going on, and the work continues.”

Options, their pros and cons and their costs will be set out in a Consultation Document and public submissions will run from 18 March to 23 April (the Tuesday after Easter). Details will be available on the Council’s website,, in community newspapers and at District Council offices and libraries.

The options for consultation are:

  1. Demolish both stands, replace with grassed banks ($6m).
  2. Repair stands and update facilities (up to $55m).
  3. Repair stands, add extra uncovered seating capacity ($56.3m).
  4. Repair stands with extra seating and additional facilities ($69m).
  5. New East Stand, extended West Stand, new South Terrace ($121m).
  6. New East Stand, extended West Stand, new North Stand, new South Terrace ($133m).
  7. New Stadium ($167m).
  8. New Stadium with roof ($271m).

See images depicting each of the Yarrow Stadium options(external link)