Council elections 2019

Election-night results

Election-night vote tallies - Preliminary Results (subject to change):

North Taranaki constituency (two seats)

Mike Davey
Donald McIntyre 3412
Chris Wilkes  2581

New Plymouth constituency (five seats)

David Lean 9813 
Charlotte Littlewood 9719 
Craig Williamson  9487 
Tom Cloke  9373 
Elvisa Van Der Leden  6698
Bev Raine 6208
Rusty Kane 5274 
Bob Waugh  4871
Mike Swift  4722

South Taranaki constituency (three seats)

Neil Walker 4736
Michael Joyce 4598
David MacLeod  4255
Alan Murray 4123

Stratford constituency (one seat)

Matthew McDonald was the sole nomination and has been declared elected.

Council elections will be held in October 2019.

Local body elections - October 2019The postal ballot will run from Friday 20 September to noon on Saturday 12 October, with preliminary results expected late on 12 October.

Notice of day of election [PDF, 55 KB]

This page has information about candidates, and about enrolling to vote.

Candidates | Pre-Election Report | Voting


View the constituency map [JPG, 192 KB]


North Taranaki constituency (2 seats)

DAVEY, Mike Candidate profile - Mike Davey [PDF, 147 KB]
McINTYRE, Donald Hugh Candidate profile - Donald Hugh McIntyre [PDF, 194 KB]
WILKES, Chris Candidate profile - Chris Wilkes [PDF, 164 KB]

New Plymouth constituency (5 seats)

CLOKE, Tom Candidate profile - Tom Cloke [PDF, 158 KB]
KANE, Rusty (People's Choice) Candidate profile - Rusty Kane [PDF, 193 KB]
LEAN, David Candidate profile - David Lean [PDF, 164 KB]
LITTLEWOOD, Charlotte Candidate profile - Charlotte Littlewood [PDF, 153 KB]
RAINE, Bev Candidate profile - Bev Raine [PDF, 177 KB]
SWIFT, Mike Candidate profile - Mike Swift [PDF, 180 KB]
VAN DER LEDEN, Elvisa Candidate profile - Elvisa Van Der Leden [PDF, 156 KB]
WAUGH, Bob Candidate profile - Bob Waugh [PDF, 165 KB]
WILLIAMSON, Craig Candidate profile - Craig Williamson [PDF, 168 KB]

Stratford constituency (1 seat)

McDONALD, Matthew Matthew McDonald is declared elected.

South Taranaki constituency (3 seats)

JOYCE, Michael Candidate profile - Michael Joyce [PDF, 168 KB]
MacLEOD, David Candidate profile - David MacLeod [PDF, 141 KB]
MURRAY, Alan Candidate profile - Alan Murray [PDF, 122 KB]
WALKER, Neil Candidate profile - Neil Walker [PDF, 162 KB]

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Pre-Election Report

A Pre-Election Report has been prepared to inform the regional community and to promote public discussion about any financial issues facing the Council. It brings together information previously published in other Council documents – including its 2018/2028 Long-Term Plan, annual plans and annual reports.

The report provides historic information for the past three financial years (2016/2017 to 2018/2019), an overview of the current election year (2019/2020) and the Council’s planned performance and financial position for the next three years (2020/2021-2022/2023). It also provides information on the works programme and major projects the Council expects to deliver over the next three years.

As required by law, the Pre-Election Report is prepared by the Council’s Chief Executive and not the current elected Council members.

Download the Pre-Election Report [PDF, 718 KB]

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Are you enrolled to vote?

Anyone who is living in Taranaki and on the electoral roll can vote in the Council elections. If you have moved house, you will need to update your details so your voting papers are sent to the right address. Go to the Electoral Commission website(external link) to check your details, update them if necessary or apply to be enrolled.

If you are registered on the unpublished roll, you will need to apply to the Council's electoral officer to receive your voting papers.

Contact the Council's electoral officer

Overseas voters can take part in local elections, but must ensure that they are correctly enrolled with an overseas postal address in order to receive their voting papers. Voting papers for local elections cannot be downloaded.

Ratepayer roll

People who live outside Taranaki but own property and pay rates within the region may also be able to vote in the Taranaki local elections. If you live outside Taranaki and believe you qualify, contact the Council's electoral officer for a form to complete, sign and return, so your eligibility can be checked.

Contact the Council's electoral officer

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Council elections 2019 - key dates

1 Jul Electoral Commission enrolment campaign starts
19 Jul Candidate nominations open and roll opens for public inspection 
19 Jul - 16 Aug (noon) Receipt of candidate nominations
16 Aug (noon) Candidate nominations close and roll closes
21 Aug Public notice of candidate’s names
20 - 25 Sep Voting documents delivered
20 Sep - 12 Oct Progressive roll scrutiny, special voting period, early processing
12 Oct (noon) Election day – voting closes midday
12 Oct (from noon) Preliminary results
17 - 23 Oct Declaration of results

Successful candidates will be sworn in at a Taranaki Regional Council meeting scheduled for 30 October (date subject to change).

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