Using vouchers

Information about using an ID on vouchers, voucher restrictions, and using vouchers locally and around the country.

Do I have to write my ID number on every voucher?

Yes. Your ID number confirms you were the person who used the voucher. This is verified by the driver who checks the photo on your ID card and checks that the card’s ID number matches the number you’ve written on the voucher.

 Total mobility voucher

Is it true that vouchers can't be used unless I am in the taxi

Yes, it is absolutely essential that the person using the voucher (and carrying their Total Mobility ID card to prove that they are eligible to do so) is in the taxi for the entire duration of the journey. There's no reason why a user's family, friends, caregivers etc. (able-bodied or not) can't share the taxi with them, but the person using the voucher must be in the vehicle for the entire journey.

Can my carer or anyone else use my voucher book to get my groceries, etc?

No, unless you are with them in the taxi for the entire journey — refer to the question above. The vouchers are issued to you and you only, and recorded as such in the Total Mobility database. They are solely for your use, and you must not give your vouchers to any one else to use.

Where can the vouchers be used?

Vouchers can be used for travel anywhere within the Taranaki region where an approved Total Mobility transport provider operates.

There is a Stratford-based provider, a Hawera-based operator, two taxi operators in New Plymouth (covering Waitara and Bell Block) and two New Plymouth-based companion driving services, Driving Miss Daisy and Freedom Companion Driving Service. A maximum subsidy of $20 applies for each one-way trip.

Can I use my vouchers in other parts of New Zealand?

Yes, you are able to use your vouchers anywhere in New Zealand where a Total Mobility programme operates. 

Please note that other regions have their own Total Mobility rules. Vouchers are subject to the local maximum subsidy in the region you are visiting. Some larger regions use electronic swipe cards instead of vouchers, so drivers will not be as familiar with filling out the vouchers.

When ordering a taxi please check that the company is part of the Total Mobility Scheme and tell them you will be using vouchers from out of the region.

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