Smart Cards

What are Smart Cards?; benefits; purchasing; fares; top up; damage

What are Smart Cards?

Smart Cards are electronic (prepay) travel cards. The electronic card stores your money to pay your fare on all Citylink buses. 

What are the benefits of a Smart Card?

  • Automatically receive discounted fares.
  • You do not have to carry cash every time you ride a bus.
  • It makes travelling on the buses easier for individuals who have trouble handling cash.

Where can I purchase my Smart Card?

You can purchase your SmartCard at the Puke Ariki i-SITE or at Tranzit's office at 15 Sunley Street, New Plymouth. Tranzit's office is open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. Phone 0800 87 22 87.

How do I pay for my fare using my Smart Card?

Once you board the bus show the driver your ID (if claiming a concession), and tell the driver your destination and if you are intending to transfer to another service.  The driver will punch in the appropriate fare on the on-board card reader and all you do is then pass your SmartCard over the reader (within 5cm), and your fare is deducted automatically from your card's balance. 

Where do I top up my Smart Card?

You can top up your Smart Card with cash onboard the bus or by cash or EFTPOS at Puke Ariki i-SITE, Ariki St Bus Centre, Bell Block library, Waitara library or Tranzit's office at 15 Sunley St, New Plymouth.  The minimum recharge is $5.

If I damage my Smart Card, can I get a replacement?

Yes, but card holders are responsible for the care of their Citylink Smart Card. Any card that has been damaged or is not accepted by the card reader device will incur a $10 replacement fee.

Do I get my money back from a damaged card?

No, the available credit on a Smart Card is not transferrable and is non-refundable except at the discretion of the Taranaki Regional Council.