COVID-19 guidance

Pandemic response information for Citylink, Connector and Southlink passengers:

Level 1 advice

Using our services

  • Face coverings are mandatory on public transport at Level 1, except on school bus services, or by children under 12 on any service, or by those who have a disability or condition that  makes it difficult to wear a face covering.  
  • There is no requirement for physical distancing at on buses or at bus stops.
  • Citylink urban passengers do not have to identify themselves to the CCTV camera
  • All passengers must book for all Connector services. 


  • Passengers should keep a record of each journey.
  • Retain copies of your ticket/receipt for at least 31 days.
  • Stay home if you’re unwell, or may have COVID-19. Do not use public transport. You should also not travel if you have been requested to self-isolate/quarantine, have symptoms of COVID-19, or are awaiting COVID-19 test results.
  • Practice good hygiene – use hand sanitiser, and cough or sneeze into your elbow. If unsure, follow Ministry of Health advice.

Level 2 advice

Using our services

Face coverings are mandatory on public transport except:

  • By children under 12 years of age
  • On school buses
  • By people who have a disability or condition that makes it difficult for them to wear a face covering
  • By passengers of small passenger services such as taxis and Uber (however drivers must wear a face covering).

Passengers are required to observe physical distancing measures at terminals and stations. Where it is possible to do so, they should also keep their distance from other passengers on board public transport services.