Taranaki Regional Xplorer

Taranaki Regional Xplorer is designed to provide public access (especially for ratepayers) to district and regional council information.

Urban aerial photography is available for Stratford, Hawera and Normanby and can be viewed to a minimum scale of 1:1 and a maximum scale of 1:4800. Aerial photography for the remainder of the region can be viewed to a minimum scale of 1:1000 and a maximum scale of 1:47,500.

Getting started

Click the logo below to launch Xplorer:


Many browsers are phasing out support for the Silverlight plug-in, and this will affect users of the older Silverlight version of Regional Xplorer.  For example, Google Chrome users will find the Silverlight version is unavailable from April 2015, and will need to use the HTML5 version (click the logo above).

If you are experiencing an error while loading Xplorer, please clear your browser's temporary files cache, close your browser and try again.

If you continue to experience issues, please email xplorer@trc.govt.nz and include your operating system and version (e.g. Windows 7, Windows Vista) and web browser and version (e.g. Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox 4).

Navigating the map

Pan.jpg Click the hand tool (pan) and then click and drag the map.  When you let go of the mouse button it will take a few seconds for the map to re-appear.
ZoomIn.jpg Click the zoom in tool, then click and drag a box around the area you want to zoom in on.  The zoom out tool works in the same way.
FullExtent.jpg Click this icon to zoom back out so you can see the entire Taranaki region.

Finding specific information

Rates and property information

1. Search for a particular address
2. Click the property once in the list of search results, to locate it on the map
3. Double-click to view additional details about the property

Taranaki Regional Council information

1. Explore the map layers and turn on the information you want to see on the map.
2. Use the point identify tool to view additional details.

How to find a property or other items of interest

1. Launch Xplorer
2. Enter your search into the textbox in the upper-right corner (e.g. 10 Glasgow)
3. Xplorer will list results on the left of your screen, click one to zoom to its location

Accessing aerial photos

Aerial photographs can be freely viewed and printed through Taranaki Regional Xplorer.

Aerial photographs - information sheet (145 KB)


General information

Xplorer is best viewed at a screen resolution of 800 x 600 and above and the Silverlight version requires the Microsoft Silverlight plugin which can be installed from here.

This publication is copyright reserved by Taranaki Regional Xplorer. Cadastral and Topographic information derived from Land Information New Zealand, CROWN COPYRIGHT RESERVED.



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