The three District Councils (territorial authorities) in the region collect rates on behalf of the Taranaki Regional Council.

While we set and assess regional rates, your District Council will invoice and collect our rates. You will receive from your District Council:

  • A yearly assessment notice that includes the amount of District Council rates and Regional Council rates that you will be asked to pay on your property for the year.
  • A combined rates invoice for each of the four rates instalments during the year. These will tell you how much to pay for the instalment being billed.

For rates information on District Council websites, see the list of Related Links at right.

If you have a question about your rates assessment or any of your combined invoices, please contact your District Council. If you have specific questions about the services funded by Taranaki Regional Council rates, please contact us (details at bottom of page).

Rates and property information online

Our online Taranaki Regional Xplorer includes information on property values and District Council and Regional Council rates.

After Xplorer is launched, search for a property using the search box at the top right. Click on 'Land Parcel' under 'Results' on the left-hand side. To view rates information, select the 'Rates History' tab in the pop-up box. To create a printable property report, on the pop-up box, select 'Create a Report', then 'Run Report' and then 'Download Report'.

Launch Taranaki Regional Xplorer  

How to contact the Taranaki Regional Council:

Phone: 06 765 7127
Fax: 06 765 5097