Pukeiti Rainforest School. The Rainforest School 

The Rainforest School is a study unit developed by the Taranaki Regional Council outlining the activities available for teachers and classes visiting Pukeiti.

The 15 activity options include walks, studies focusing on plants, birdlife and fish, a practical pot-a-plant session and a stream study.

Download the study unit for full details.

  The Rainforest School study unit (1.9 MB)

Please read carefully the information on this page. To book a Rainforest School session, contact Kevin Archer, phone 06 765 7127 or email education@trc.govt.nz.

What teachers need to know

Hours: School visits are held between 10am and 2pm.The one exception is the  night-time observation of native freshwater fish in their natural habitat. These visits which will start at varying times during the year but no earlier than  5pm and finishing no later than 9pm.

Cost: Entry to Pukeiti is free to all visitors.

Adult-student ratio: The Council’s policy is 1:5 adult-student ratio for all Council-led field trips, including those to our regional gardens. Some flexibility can be used with high school groups.

Group numbers: All activities are designed for groups of less than 35 students plus adults and teachers.

Risk Analysis Management (RAM) sheets: These must be sent by email or fax to the Council’s Education Officer before the day of the visit. Email educationr@trc.govt.nz or fax 06 765 5097

Names: A list of all the names of students/teachers and accompanying adults present must be given to Kevin Archer or the resource person hosting the group at the start of the visit.

Road access: Extreme care is required when driving to and from Pukeiti. While the road has been improved in recent years, it is still winding and narrow in places.

Months available: School visits are welcome at any time of the school year. However some activities may not be available during October and early November.

Programme rotation: Depending on the activities chosen, it is possible for groups to cover up to four activities in one visit, as some activities can be easily combined with others.

Walks: it is recommended to include at least one of the two walks available as part of the intended programme.

Times: The times suggested in the activities are approximate only and can be adjusted to meet the needs of the students.

Activity levels: Each activity has a suggested class level range but many can be adjusted to meet all levels.

Morning tea and lunch: Teachers need to factor in short breaks for morning tea and lunch during the visit. All visitors need to provide their own morning tea and lunch.

Bookings: It is suggested that bookings be made months in advance to avoid disappointment. For initial enquiries please contact: Kevin Archer, phone 06 765 7127 or email education@trc.govt.nz.

Cancellations: As this is a rainforest area, cancellations are unlikely unless conditions are likely to become extremely unpleasant or unsafe.

Clothing: Students should bring raincoats, old shoes, hats etc for all visits. Sunblock is recommended in the warmer months.

Resources: All resources required for any activity are provided by the Taranaki Regional Council.


Pupils soak up nature at Pukeiti 'school' (Taranaki Daily News)

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