Taranaki Civil Defence

There is no current state of emergency in Taranaki.

Taranaki Civil Defence Group Controller David Lean stepping down after 30-plus years in the role

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What would you do right now if there was an emergency? Not a hypothetical question!

To to www.gethru.govt.nz for information and advice on how to be as ready as possible for an emergency that disrupts everyday services.

Watch the video below to see Canterbury people talking about what they learned from the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes. Lots to think about and plenty of good advice!

Latest Taranaki CDEM newsletter

Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Plan for Taranaki 2012-2017

Emergency preparedness advice for farmers

Use the navigation panel on this page to access more information on preparedness, hazards, and more information on how Civil Defence is organised in Taranaki.

For information about the management of pollution incidents, see Taranaki Regional Council webpage on response to pollution incidents including oil spills.

Logos of the four Councils that make up the CDEM Group.


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