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We Can Reduce - Reuse - Recycle.

Recycling saves natural resources, is good for the environment and reduces the amount of material going to landfill.

And it may be easier than you think. Check out the options on this page. If you know of any recycling options that aren't covered here, please let us know. Email or call the Council on 06 765 7127.

On this page you'll also find downloadable recycling labels for your home or office.

Recycling index
Kerbside collections (glass, paper, cans, plastic)
Antifreeze Mobile phones
Batteries Oil
Car bodies Oil filters
Clothing Paper
Concrete Paint
Computers, etc Pharmaceuticals
Cooking oil Photocopiers
Electronic waste (e-Waste) Plastic bags
Farm plastics Plastic cling-wrap etc
Gas bottles Polystyrene
Glad products Solvents
Green waste Timber
Lightbulbs (energysaver) Toner cartridges
Metals Whiteware
Hazardous waste
Map of transfer stations

Kerbside recycling collections in Taranaki 

Most urban areas in Taranaki have recycling collections.

For more information on collections, see:

New Plymouth District Council recycling information

Stratford District Council rubbish and recycling information

South Taranaki District Council recycling information

What you can recycle at your kerbside

(IMPORTANT: Ensure all containers are washed before putting them out for recyclng.)

Whole bottles and jars only (without lids).

Paper and cardboard
Newspaper, magazines, printer paper, office paper and flattened cardboard boxes. NOT waxed paper (milk cartons), or carbon paper.

Aluminium or steel beverage cans and food cans - rinsed.

Milk, water and soft drink bottles, plastic containers with the recycling symbols 1 to 7 on the base. Remove lids and wash.


Other material

Antifreeze (glycol) 
Contact ERS NZ Ltd (0800 377 977).

Batteries - button 
From watches, calculators and hearing aids. Contact your local jeweller or drop off at the New Plymouth or Hawera Transfer Stations.

Batteries - vehicle
Boat, car, motorbike and truck batteries.
Take to a scrap metal dealer, Exide Technologies (24 Hobson Street, New Plymouth), Repco (137 Courtenay Street, New Plymouth, and 57 High Street, Hawera), or ask at your local garage.

AA/AAA and other small batteries
Standard alkaline batteries can be safely disposed of to landfill as these don’t contain any hazardous materials Batteries containing nickel, cadmium or lithium (NiCad batteries, for example) can be dropped off at the New Plymouth or Hawera Transfer Stations. Domestic quantities are accepted free of charge.

Batteries - other
From cellphones, power tools and video cameras. Contact the supplier of the appliance or your local electrician. Ask at your local Telecom or Vodafone dealer as they have a 'take back' policy for cellphones and cellphone batteries.

For larger quantities, contact one of these commercial service providers:
Interwaste, ph 0800 102 131
Waste Management, ph 06 757 8351 or email Shane Robbertsen


Car bodies 
Enquire at your local car wreckers or scrap-metal dealers regarding collection.

Donate good quality used clothing to Red Cross or church groups, charity collections or clothing bins, or take to second-hand clothing shops near you.

Cooking oil 
Cookright (Vatman) - free collection service. Ph 0800 Vatman or 0800 828 626. 20-litre drums provided.
Tallowman - free collection service. Ph 0800 432 862. 44-gallon drum provided.


Concrete and bricks 
Clean used concrete and bricks can be dropped off for recycling at Jones Quarry, Mahoetahi Road, between New Plymouth and Waitara. call 06 754 8500 or 027 276 2498.

Computers, monitors, printers and fax machines 
If your unwanted computer equipment, printer or fax machine still has life left in it and you are happy to give it away, you could offer it to a charity shop (Hospice shop, for example). Or you could list it on Freecycle or offer it to a local school.

Note: Delete all personal data from your computer before disposing of it. If in doubt about how to do this, contact a computer service shop.

Also refer to our information on electronic waste recycling.


Gas bottles
These can be taken to your local scrap metal dealer. Contact them first to check whether the bottle needs to be empty or have its valve removed.

Glad Clingwrap, zip-lock bags, containers
TerraCycle and GLAD® have partnered to create the GLAD® Food Storage Recycling Programme. To join the scheme go to Terracycle and register your details.

Green waste 
Grass clippings, hedge trimmings, leaves. Try composting at home. Or check out your local transfer station for green waste disposal options (charges may apply) or check out the Yellow Pages for green waste collectors in your area. South Taranaki District Council has a kerbside green waste collection service. Click here for more details.


Hazardous waste 
Lead-based paint and garden chemicals. Dispose as hazardous waste at transfer stations at Colson Rd (New Plymouth), Scott Street (Hawera) or Cordelia Street (Stratford). Domestic quantities only.


Lightbulbs (energysaver) 
Energysaver lightbulbs can be recycled at Mitre 10 stores in New Plymouth and Stratford  (click here for addresses and maps), and Bunnings stores in Bell Block (click here for map) and Hawera (click here for map).

Metals - ferrous  
Machinery, whiteware, steel drums, steel cans, galvanised steel. Take to a scrap metal dealer, or some transfer stations have separate areas for recycling scrap metal.

Metals - non-ferrous
Copper, brass, bronze, lead, stainless steel, aluminium. Take to a scrap metal dealer, or some transfer stations have separate areas for recycling scrap metal.


Mobile phones 
Vodafone and Telecom accept old equipment and have drop-off bins in their shops for phones, chargers and batteries.

Or you can support Starship Hospital through their Mobile Phone Recycling Programme - pick up a freepost envelope from newspaper offices, ASB Bank branches,  Telecom stores or The Warehouse, package the phone and pop it into a post box. Phones in working order are refurbished and exported to places such as Hong Kong, China or to Eastern Europe, while those beyond repair are recycled through the correct environmental channels. Funds raised go toward essential equipment and services for Starship Hospital.


Oil filters  
Two companies offer a recycling service for oil filters to motor vehicle workshops and other major oil filter users in Taranaki: ERS NZ Ltd (0800 377 977) and Ecocrush (Stuart Edwards, 027 434 5837). They collect the filters, extract the oil for reuse, and recycle the metal. There is a charge. Contact them for more information.

Oil from vehicle engines 
Take to transfer stations at Colson Road (New Plymouth) or Scott Street (Hawera), ask at your local garage or, if you have large volumes, contact Transpacific Industries Group (New Plymouth). Charges may apply.

Cooking oil
Cookright (Vatman) - free collection service. Ph 0800 Vatman or 0800 828 626. 20-litre drums provided.
Tallowman - free collection service. Ph 0800 432 862. 44-gallon drum provided.


(managed by the Resene Foundation) is available through the New Plymouth Resene Colorshop.  PaintWise accepts any brand of decorative paint, but not automotive and marine paints, and not paint thinners, solvents or aerosols. Click here for the address of the New Plymouth Resene Colorshop (132 Molesworth Street). A small charge applies to non-Resene branded product and trade returns to help offset the costs of the PaintWise programme.  Rusty and empty tins are also accepted. The collected paint has a mix of end uses including community donation (paint as is), community donation for anti-graffiti work (blended waterborne grey paint) and other uses such as manufacture into PaintCrete. Containers collected through PaintWise will also be recycled. The New Plymouth Resene Colorshop is at 132 Molesworth Street (view map). See for more information.

Note: If paint is already partially dried out, it is unsuitable for recycling. Simply leave the top off the container until the paint is dried out completely, then put  the tin out in the rubbish, or take it to PaintWise

Paper can be composted. Confidential items can be shredded, then composted.


Medicines, drugs and other pharmacy waste. Ask your local pharmacy about disposal of old medicines.

If you have an unwanted photocopier, contact the manufacturer (for example. Fuji Xerox, Konica Minolta, Ricoh or Canon), as they may be willing to collect it for refurbishing or recycling. There might be a cost, depending on location, age of machine and other factors. See also the information on e-Waste

Plastic bags 
Plastic bags can be dropped off to Egmont Refuse and Recycling Ltd, 19 Scott St, Hawera, ph 06 278 6170. Plastic Bags can not be put into your kerbside recycling as they damage sorting machinery at the Resource Recovery Facility.

Plastic cling-wrap, etc 
To recycle Glad GLAD® ClingWrap, zip-lock bags, containers and dispensers visit the Terracycle website to find your nearest location.

Polystyrene is recycled at Egmont Refuse and Recycling Ltd, 19 Scott St, Hawera, ph 06 278 6170. This service is free for small domestic quantities but there is a charge of  $2 a kilogram for larger quantities.

Check with your supplier first as some offer a take-back system; otherwise contact TPI New Plymouth on 06 755 9150


Ask at your local transfer station.

Toner cartridges 
To recycle copier and printer toner cartridges, contact Cartridge World New Plymouth on 06 757 4380 or the Toner Recycling Company (TRC) on 0800 180 160.

Old and non-operating whiteware can be recycled. Contact your local scrap metal dealer, or, in New Plymouth, drop off at the New Plymouth Transfer Station, which charges an acceptance fee of $20 for items which need degassing or $15 for other items. Fridges and air conditioners should be degassed befoe recycling.


Electronic waste (e-Waste)

Electronic waste (e-Waste) contains hazardous materials which can seriously harm the environment, wildlife and human health if disposed of inappropriately.

There are drop-off points for e-Waste recycling at New Plymouth, Stratford and Hawera. Charges apply, but they are subsidised by the New Plymouth District Council, the Stratford District Council and the South Taranaki District Council in their respective areas. Please note: The South Taranaki subsidy is capped for the financial year, so get in early while it still applies.

The Taranaki drop-off points are associated with E-Cycle Ltd, and are part of a national ewaste recycling network. This was initially developed by the RCN Group in partnership with Community Recycling Network, supported by the Ministry for the Environment through the Waste Minimisation Fund.

NEW PLYMOUTH -  Transfer Station, Colson Road, New Plymouth, ph 06 755 9099
Hours: Open 7 days 8am-4.30pm   (as of 1 June 2016)


More information on NPDC website


Stratford: Transfer Station, Cordelia St. Mon-Tue and Thur-Fri 2pm-5pm; Weds 10am-1pm; Sat-Sun 1pm-5pm. 

TV, stereo, computer:  $10 per unit


HAWERA - Egmont Refuse and Recycling Ltd, 19 Scott St, Hawera, ph 06 278 6170
Hours: Weekdays 8,30am-3pm, Saturdays by appointment
e-Waste item Subsidised cost (incl GST)
Desktop PCs $5
Laptops $5
Office servers $5
CRT computer monitors $15
CRT televisions $20
LCD and plasma televisions $20
LCD computer monitors $15
Hubs, switches and routers $4
Patch panels and modems $4
Ink-jet printers $11.50
Desktop laser printers $12
Workgroup laser printers $12
Photocopiers (small and medium) $46
Photocopiers (large) $69
Cellphones $1
UPS (small, medium and large) $12
Laptop batteries $6
Fax machines $12
Copier toner $4 per kilogram
DVDs/VCRs $7
Stereo systems $7
CDs and DVDs (discs) $1.50 per kilogram

More information on STDC website


Freecycle group 
This is a web-based resources exchange which aims to keep good stuff out of landfills. Click on this link: New Plymouth Freecycle. The group covers the whole of Taranaki and is open to all who want to recycle that special something rather than throw it away.

You can give away new, surplus or used goods to a deserving community organisation near you. It's simple through DonateNZ.

Freally is a website that encourages recycling by allowing people to list things they want to give away, or things they would like to obtain for free. The focus is on transactions among people in the same area. Although Australia-based, Freally is active in New Zealand.  Go to the Freally website.


Transfer stations 

You can recycle some material for free at most of these transfer stations. Ask your local council or check out their website for more information.

New Plymouth District Council

Stratford District Council

South Taranaki District Council

Taranaki transfer stations.